Sunday, September 21, 2008


Florida, led by coach Fiverings49(61-3), looks to win the SEC Championship 4 times in a row. Led by Junior(RS) All-American QB Vinnie Johnson, the Gators look to go back to the SEC Championship for the 4th straight year. It is predicted that the gators will finish the season out strong, and continue their 16-game home winning streak.
Key Players-
All-American Junior(RS) QB Vinnie Johnson- 250.7 QB Rating 124/182 2787 Yards 37 TD 12 INT. Also has 59 attempts for 618 yards, 7 TD. Dual Threat QB thats hard to slow down when he gets rolling.

All-American Senior(RS) SS Dee Finley- 42 Tackles 1 TFL 8 INTs 5 DEFL 1 FF . One of the many great leaders in this Florida secondary.

Sophomore(RS) RB Leon Morgan- 119 Attempts 790 Yards 6.6 AVG 14 TD 20 BTK. Also has 17 Receptions 357 Yds 4 TD. Very quick RB that makes plays. Who is going to stop him in the open field?

Senior(RS) RE Earl Okine-35 Tackles 15 TFL 7 Sacks 2 FF. May be considered one of the best DE in college football. He sure is one of the fastest.

All American Senior(RS) FS Will Hill-43 Tackles 1 TFL 3 INTs 3 DEFL 1 FF 1 TD. The other leader to this great secondary that makes plays.

LSU, lead by coach TMCxChronic23 looks to meet Florida in the SEC championship once again this year. They were hot in the beginning of the season, but slowed down after losing to #1 Florida. Their star RB Willie Dos Uno also missed 5 games this season due to a broken leg.
Key Players:
All-American Sophomore RB Willie Dos Uno-132 Attempts 535 Yards 4.0 AVG 4 TD 33 BTK. The only thing holding him back this season has been his injuries.

Senior(RS) WR Chris Tolliver-46 Receptions 894 Yards 12 TD 221 YAC. He has finally begun to shine after being behind the depth charts his previous years.

Senior FS Nick Anderson-29 Tackles 2 TFL 7 INTs 1 FF 3 TD. He has stepped up to the plate and made key interceptions in clutch moments.

Sophomore QB B.J. Owens-189.6 QB Rating 90/139 1551 Yards 21 TD 13 INT. Also has 26 attempts 130 yds 2 TD. Stepped in to the starting lineup and has done a great job in week 2.

Senior(RS) LOLB-27 Tackles 8 TFL 3 Sacks 2 FF. One of the great LBs this group has.

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